TB Pro DeLuxe

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The bridle in this version is approved by the FEI. Unfortunately, it is no longer on the KNHS list. We are working on getting it back on the list of the KNHS. A version of this has now been designed that is permitted by the KNHS. ( see other bridle the TB Pro DeLuxe 0.2 ) This bridle has a very luxurious look with a perfect fit. The well-thought-out design gives the horse the ultimate feeling of freedom. This is due to the specially designed cheek piece that provides stability without any pressure on the head. With this version, the noseband is even slightly wider, which makes for a nicer position. You can also use this model as a snaffle bridle only, this is completely easy to change by removing the entire bar. You can also put the noseband a little lower here.

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TB Pro DeLuxe. This version is approved by the FEI.

This bridle is specially designed for higher dressage work and is designed for bar and snaffle bit.

With this bridle you can also only ride with a snaffle bit. Leather is of good quality and is soft and supple.

With luxurious browbands inlaid with quality rhinestones and 1 leather rein in matching color.

Due to the anatomical design, important points are free from pressure.

The TB Pro DeLuxe version is the permitted bridle for the KNHS 2.0 to obtain.

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