Anatomical bridle

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The anatomical bridle that really makes a difference

There are many anatomical bridles on the market, and although they often certainly provide an improvement, few really make a difference. That had to be better, sisters Cynthia and Diana Torsy thought. They got to work and developed their own bridles, de Torsy Bridles. They started from the anatomy of the horse's head, and looked beyond the outside of the horse's head alone: It was carefully examined how they include all underlying blood vessels, avoid nerve pathways and other critical points. In 2018 the first bridle came on the market, the TB Basic. Due to the great success, more models soon followed.

For the development of the bridles, Cynthia and Diana inquired extensively with various specialists about the biomechanics of the horse's head. The bridle has been designed to reduce pressure at crucial points, but also protects the nerves and blood vessels. The first test results of the bridle were very positive and the bridle was launched on the market. Due to the success they also developed a bar and snaffle bridle, including all bottlenecks, nerves and blood vessels are spared.

Unique design

Unique to the Torsy Bridles is that the bridle is always "loose" from the horse's head. Even when a rider takes the reins firmly, there is hardly any pressure. At such a time, the horse only experiences a light nose pressure. "That is also the only place on the head where a horse can handle some pressure", explains Cynthia. “It's designed to be loose on the head, yet balanced. The unique design of the cheek pieces ensures that the pressure is removed from the head and the atlas, which is different from all other bridles on the market. With most bridles, the bit is directly connected to the headpiece, but that is not the case with the Torsy Bridles. ” Due to the stable position of the bridle, it is not necessary to tighten straps to keep the bridle in balance. Cynthia explains: “When a horse experiences pressure somewhere on its head, it may be that it blocks in the body and head. This can manifest itself in many ways, such as not being able to properly accommodate the hindquarters, become tight in the body, throwing out the tongue, grab the bit, but also, for example, in lameness or head shaking. When you notice something like this with your horse, you have to find where that comes from. Unfortunately, many people still skip the bridle in that search. ”

Many possibilities

The Torsy Bridles are available in many different variants: from basic to very luxurious. All bridles are made of soft, flexible and strong cowhide. The bridles are also all approved by the KNHS and the FEI for competition. Some bridles offer multiple options: the TB Basic can be used with or without a bit, and the TB Pro can be driven with or without a bar. Many colors of leather are available, and the bridles can be customized on request with, for example, colored stones. For service, you can always contact Torsy Bridles if you have any questions or tips. The bridles are for sale via the webshop at, where you will also find all points of sale, and through the Facebook page of Torsy Bridles.

Claudia Fassaert:

The Belgian international Grand Prix rider Claudia Fassaert talks about her experience with the Torsy Bridles: “With the bridles from Torsy Bridles I notice a remarkably big difference in my horses. The handrail feels much nicer. You get a nice response to your hand, and it also feels like the bridles are more pleasant for the horse. The horse I am currently riding, first had a "normal" snaffle bridle and on it he was stiff and difficult to ride. It was also a horse with good quality movement and a fine temperament. When I started driving the TB Basic, she was immediately tastier in the mouth, it was a very big difference. My old Grand Prix horse Wilotto, currently serving as a teaching horse, runs with the TB Pro; the bar and snaffle variant of the bridle. He could always be quite strong, but that was immediately over with the TB Pro, really amazing. I also like that I, especially with a bar and snaffle, lost all those belts next to the eye, that's only one now. I like that much better. I think they are beautiful bridles anyway, and you have many different options in terms of colors and possibly diamonds. ”

Evert de Jong:

Since this fall, Grand Prix rider and instructor Evert de Jong has been riding, together with his niece Nina Monasso, the horses with the Torsy Bridles. The rider is very enthusiastic about the difference he sees compared to other bridles: “I notice that one hundred percent! Even with a horse that I thought was already very easy to handle, I noticed a big difference. Very special. Horses are given an easy way to hand and carry. I am not someone who wants to quickly find solutions in new stuff, although a well-fitting saddle and bridle are of course very important. But that a bridle can make so much difference, I think is special. I notice the functionality of the bridle in the freer use of the atlas and jaw. The horses walk more easily in formation and "in shape". The difference is even more obvious with one horse than with another, but they all improve. The horses feel comfortable with it. ”