At Torsy Bridles we have various options to ensure that the bridle you purchase fits properly so that your horse experiences the best result with our bridle..

Possibility 1.

If you are near 1 of the outlets stands with your horse, then there is the possibility that someone will visit you or that you take your horse to the relevant location.

Possibility 2

If you and your horse are not near a point of sale, you can order the bridle online. If you are in doubt about the right size, you will receive a photo from us in advance with an indication of where to measure, see photo (Click on the picture to enlarge).

In the photo you can see various colored lines. Yellow stands for all around, pink from ear to ear, blue is the side and orange is all around. Based on this, we can indicate which size is best suited for your horse or pony. If you have purchased and received the bridle, you can use the option to consult with us via photos to see how the bridle fits optimally on the head.. Any parts that do not fit properly can be replaced by a size larger or smaller.


Possibility 1

At your location, the basic fitting service is € 30,00 and the extensive fitting service € 50,00 ( maximum 1 hour, incl. to drive). A kilometer allowance of € is added to this 0,60 per kilometer. If you decide to buy the bridle, you will receive 50% discount on the passenger service costs.

When you go to a pass service point, it is in principle free of charge, provided you buy the bridle. If you do not buy a bridle, you pay € 30 for the basic fitting service.- and for the extensive fitting service € 50,- ( maximum 1 hour, incl. to drive).

Possibility 2

The cost of possibility 2. Are the shipping costs. If it is the case that you have bought a bridle from us and it turns out that driving does not meet your expectations, then you can get our bridle in correction state inside 1 week return. The shipping costs of the return are for the account of the buyer. If the returned bridle has damage, the costs will be deducted from the purchase amount. The remaining amount will then be refunded to your account.