The origin of Torsy Bridles

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Origin of Torsy Bridles

We at Torsy Bridles, Diana Torsy in Cynthia Torsy, not only consider the welfare of our own horses very important, but also see that more and more people consider this to be of paramount importance, that is why we took a critical look at bridles. We found out that despite the name anatomically still a large part of the bridles tight- and pressure points, so it only has an anatomical shape of the bridle and does not take into account the actual anatomy of the horse's head.

As a result of this we started to delve into the anatomy of the horse's head and discussed this with various specialists (o.a. equine doctors, osteopaths, bitfitters and horse dentists) talked about horse welfare and health.

A great deal became clear to us then, including the possible negative consequences (of a badly fitting bridle) in the rest of the horse's body.

We then sat down at the drawing board and took into account all the collected information about the blood vessels, nerve pathways, cranial membrane and sensitive points on the horse's head, we got to work. The first design was born, but of course still had to be viewed and tested. For this we have again been able to use the knowledge and experience of various specialists.

The test with the bridle immediately delivered a very good result and many positive changes in the horse, so that the rider could communicate with the horse much better.. The rider felt this in relaxation, a calmer head and a horse a bit more through the body.

Eventually it was after well 1 year our first bridle, the TB Basic, a fact. This bridle can be used with or without a bit. The TB Basic has been approved by the KNHS

Because we noticed that in top sport there were no bridles at all that took into account the anatomy of the horse's head, it was of course a challenge for us to see if we could make our bridle suitable for use with a bar & Trains. A little over a year later when we were back at the drawing board and were in test phases with people who were familiar with driving a Stang & Trains, our 2nd bridle, the TB Pro, was ready to hit the market. The TB Pro can also only be ridden on the snaffle, making you no for the horse 2 need bridles. The TB Pro is approved by the FEI and the KNHS.

The models are European patented under EUIPO with the numbers 004746246.0001 in 006730263-0001
Action is taken against counterfeiting of model and shape. This also applies to the individual parts of these models.
For questions about the patent you can send an email.